Annual festival featuring the best of the arts in Falkirk.

Held annually in May, the Tryst Festival is a celebration of all aspects of the visual and performing Arts including music, theatre, dance, drama, magic, exhibitions, seminars, writing, events and family shows. Involving local, community and professional groups from across Falkirk and Scotland it truly has 'something for everyone'.

The Tryst Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016 and after many years is still an amazing community festival for all tastes.


Tickets will be available from the Falkirk Leisure and Culture Box Office and/or Host companies/organiser unless otherwise stated.

Brochure with full events programme usually available in March/April of each year.

More Tryst Festival news and updates can be found on our FAN Facebook


Falkirk Arts Network, Falkirk Leisure and Culture, Falkirk Delivers, Falkirk Council, Falkirk Community Schools Charity, Howgate Shopping Centre Falkirk.

2022 Festival

May 2022


It is with great pleasure that with this Festival we herald a return to live events as we have always known them. 

Many organisations are only now emerging slowly out of an enforced slumber of what already feels too long a time.


This year, we bring you a much reduced version of what the future should hold for us in Falkirk Arts Network.  The coming years will bring a distinct change to the organisation as we have known it for so long, a "moving with the times"! to a new hybrid balance of both live and digital participation has started.  Please bear with us until we get to where we need to be, which is moving forward whilst taking successful aspects of the past with us. 

A big thank you to the organisations who have been able to put something together at very short notice for this year's Festival, and to organisations who have not yet managed to reach a point where they feel they have something to offer an audience,  we at Falkirk Tryst Festival look forward to working with you in the future, your dedication to your artform is greatly appreciated.

To the audience, we relish the challenge and opportunity to bring you both new and classic forms of entertainment as we build Falkirk Tryst Festival for the future - we greatly value your patience and support.

Kind regards

Doug Smith, Tryst Festival Coordinator

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