We advocate for the arts in Falkirk, connect and support

members and act as a forum for mutual help and advice.


In the summer of 1950 a group of people with an interest in the arts met in premises in Falkirk High Street. The subject of the discussion was how to promote The Arts in Falkirk. This meeting led to the formation of Falkirk & District Arts and Civic Council. The first chairman was Councillor James Middlemass.

For over fifty years the organisation has continued to support, promote and campaign for the Arts and an enhanced civic amenity for the Falkirk District. Although two local government boundary changes have taken place in the fifty years the fundamental principles remain constant.

From 2020, the organisation's known as name changed from Falkirk & District Arts and Civic Council (FDACC) to Falkirk Arts Network. Falkirk & District Arts and Civic Council (SCIO) remains our legal name.

Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage and stimulate interest in the promotion, understanding, performance and appreciation of the arts in the community
  • To consult with local and national organisations devoted to the arts
  • To act as a co-ordinating body for member organisations
  • To provide a means of communication and liaison between organisations, individuals and local authority
  • To be sensitive to needs of the community and organise events to service the need
  • To encourage and advocate awareness of civic amenity


Membership is open to organisations and individuals engaged in activities which add to the artistic life of Falkirk or whose aims and activities encourage an awareness in civic amenity.

Groups and individuals seeking membership can find more information here or contact us.


The General Council meets monthly from September to June. All members are encouraged to send representatives to these meetings.

In addition there are Board of Trustees meetings. The Trustees and Office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June.

What members say about being a part of our network

"Being a part of the Falkirk Arts Network opens up a lot of doors to connect with other local groups in the area."

"We have found it is very useful to share news, events and opportunities with a wide network of like minded people."


The Office Bearers and Trustees for 2023/24:

Chair - John Paterson

Vice-Chair - Pat Reid

Secretary - Amy Sutherland

Treasurer-Designate - Pat Reid

Will Gibbs - Tryst Festival Coordinator

Amanda-Louise Clark

Brian Laird